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Support high-end customization requirements, can be 
customized according to different needs of customers.

Practical Customization

According to your travel situation, we have road tires, off-road tires, double shocks, and other different configuration of the cart recommendation, perhaps our page does not have what you want, but you can put forward your needs, we can tailor for you to meet your actual travel needs of the cart.

Personalized Customization​​​​​​​

Maybe you like a different sense of freshness, we can customize according to your needs with beautiful colors, cool atmosphere lights and experience of exceptional subwoofer and other personalized equipment, so that your cart becomes a beautiful landscape on the road.

Trustworthy quality

We have a complete after-sales system, can solve your different after-sales problems.
We provide professional installation tutorials, after receiving any safety problems can contact the staff at any time, to provide professional installation video and explanation.

If you encounter problems such as missing pieces, wrong pieces, broken pieces, please contact our staff in time, we will immediately verify the situation, see whether in other packages or really lack, etc., timely answer to you, if indeed damaged, missing, etc. We will timely send you a replacement to help protect your brand reputation.

We will have regular visits to customers, understand the use of the situation, to provide appropriate services to ensure the best-quality of our products.

Mass Control

Our group strictly implements the 6S management system to optimize our production links to ensure that each of our carts is a cart that meets the needs of customers. Moreover, our products have passed the international ISO quality management system certification and obtained the World Factory Certificate issued by China Automotive Technology Research Center. At the same time, our independent research and development of the brand has also won the national consumers satisfied with the brand of honor certificate, we know that quality is the key to determine whether the long-term development of enterprises, so we care more about the quality of products than you, we hope that our enterprises can develop in the long run, every product you buy is through our careful research and development and production, you can rest assured to buy.

Our Advantages

One-Stop Service With Quick Response

Independent technology research and development capability

Improve the manufacturing process

Thoughtful after-sales service system

Improve the quality control system



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